23 Mei 2019

2 Reasons Why You Have to Learn Business Management

When study in a college, there are a lot of major that you can choose. One of the most useful major is business management. But, why you have to learn business management? Here are 2 reasons why you have to learn business management :

2 Reasons Why You Have to Learn Business Management

1. Learn Transferrable Skills

2 Reasons Why You Have to Learn Business Management

For starters, the skills you learn in a business program can be easily transferred and adapted to just about any future career or job position imaginable. Business programs place a huge focus on teaching students the ability to think critically, problem solve in innovative ways, and manage their time logically. Some other skills you can expect to walk away from a business program with include:

  •       presentation and report-writing
  •       resource management
  •       self motivation
  •       interpretation of financial data

All of these are skills that will be useful in any job you find yourself in down the road, even if it’s not immediately business-related. The ability to think critically and make quick decisions on your feet will serve you well not just in a career capacity, but in your day-to-day life as well.

2. Enjoy High Earnings Potential

2 Reasons Why You Have to Learn Business Management

With an average starting salary of nearly $55,000 annually, a business degree will also yield you some of the highest earnings potential both immediately following graduation and later down the road.

In fact, those who study business rank only below engineering and computer science in the highest starting salaries for entry-level jobs! This is great for those who are worried about graduating with piles of student loan debt and nervous about their ability to find a job and pay it off.

With that in mind, a business degree will also yield you one of the highest returns on your investment.

There are 2 reasons why you have to learn business management. To get the best skill, you can join the best management Universityin Singapore

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  1. Oke baiklah, saya kudu buka google translate nih biar bisa nulis english juga hahaha.

    Tapi sebagai mantan pekerja yang mengurusi manajemen sebuah proyek, setuju banget kita perlu banget belajar manajemen, apalagi manajemen bisnis :D

    1. Mmmm...maaf kawan - kawan , saya koment di tulisan Indo dulu yah, kalau koment di tulisan bahasa inggris kayaknya gue harus buka kamus dulu yah, hahahah......

      Bagi ilmu manajemen proyek dong mbak...??

  2. It may seem a strange point to start off on, but it should be said that studying abroad isn’t necessarily easy. There are unique challenges that come with going overseas to study, but that’s all part of the fun and the experience.

  3. Artikel yang ini kontennya serius ya kang he he he..

  4. Managament skills aLso have some benefit in domestic life or family life not only in office. for example : how to manage your household expense. By the way, this is a good article for me, thanks a lot :)


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