13 Desember 2017


If I suppose Asik Pedia blog is a human figure then, this blog is like a new Youth one year to work.

To come to the workplace alone he had to ride a friend's vehicle with a dress that was borrowed from his co-workers.

For matters of salary this youth just get a small wage and not enough for their daily needs.
Already economic conditions and performances are concerned, this young man was lazy to work. But occasionally this Youth get luck when being pressed, for example, get a bonus at the end of the year. 

That's roughly the picture of this blog if I suppose as a human figure.

This blog is only a year old with a source of income derived from the display of Google Adsense Ads. The amount of money generated is small enough only a few hundred dollars in a day. Sometimes if you are lucky they can get about two thousand dollars.   

Blog Asik Pedia is using a free template from  Sora template. I purposely used a free template because there is no budget to buy it. I think it's pretty sad too because cannot buy premium templates.

This type of template called Sinensis I really like it, because it has a simple view, responsive, fast Loading and several other advantages.

This blog turned out to include the category of lazy because the article is not routinely made and published. 

Sometimes in a day published about four articles, sometimes also for days - no article at all.
But this cool blog Asik pedia  gave luck in the form of receipt of a Google  Adsense publisher in July 2017.  
Questions arise in my head.

How can the young man I mentioned above be a Director in the next ten years?

How to become Asilah Pedia blog more advanced and growing in Ten years will come?

That means the Youth must add knowledge, experience, highly educated, diligent work, adding value to the Company, diligent, honest and certainly have a great spirit.

Likewise also with Asik Pedia blog should be more diligent to make the latest articles, adding knowledge about the correct way of writing, willing to accept suggestions, and much more.

So the performance Asik Pedia  blog must be improved from year to year in order to occupy the best position on the Google search page.    

No success comes easily, without going through a difficulty. The difficulty is not a barrier but a test to determine how strong we are in achieving goals.  

Is it really like that?

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