18 Desember 2017


Sustenance from GOD Almighty that we receive is not always in the form of money, sometimes in the form or something else, got a Premium template for example.

Yes. I am one example of the receiver of sustenance in the form of the Premium template but I can for free from  A friend who has a blog called Lovely Bogor.

Rezeki Template  Premium I got started from me wrote an article entitled " BLOG ASIK PEDIA LIKE YOUTH NEW ENTERING WORK ". 

The article tells a brief story about this blog which during its lifetime only uses free templates.

Because I am in Anugerahkan got a good friend from Bogor City so I was offered the template  for Blogspot  and WordPress.  

Of course, I  can not resist the sustenance that is in sight. 

Then I accepted it with pleasure to send some special template Blogspot  only because I do not use WordPress.  

Through this paper, I say thank you to Mr. Anton  Ardiyanto who has willingly and sincerely provided a template that has been hard-earned he bought with his personal money. Only Allah SWT can repay Kindness and give Pak Anton.    

I do not know what the price of all the template  he gave me when he bought it, I did not check it. What is clear is that the template is money in the form of another or can be called sustenance that descends from the Sky. 

Want to know what is the name of the template? his name is Evomagz, Flatness, Simplify. 

Are there readers friends who have experience with the template?  

If you can ask advice from the reader, which of the three types of templates which is more suitable for Asik Pedia blog?

My plan these three types of templates I want to test first in a special blog template experiment. 

So I can find a suitable template to be used on this blog Asik Pedia and know the ins and outs first.

I am sure with the premium template submissions Admin Maniak Writing this, it will make this blog to be better in the future. Amen

Mohon ketika berkomentar harap menggunakan Akun Blogger , G+,Anonymous kalau URLnya di isi dengan Nama Blog, Maka dengan berat Hati komentarnya tidak saya Posting, :)