15 Desember 2017

Linking Soap opera Tukang Ojek Pengkolan With Blog

Often watched Sinetron Tukang Ojek Pengkolan di RCTI? if often, it means our fate is the same, equally becoming a fan of TOP Sinetron.

But if you have not, then I will describe just a little.

This soap opera known as TOP is a story that describes the daily life of the motorcycle taxi drivers and their citizens in a village called Rawa Bebek.

Linking Soap opera Tukang Ojek Pengkolan With Blog
Although the story played by the players is a simple story, but packaged in an interesting way. So no wonder Sineteron is the much-loved audience and now has reached more than 900 series.  

What is interesting and what to do with blogs?

The interesting and prominent of this TOP Sinetron is two in my opinion:

- Each cast has certain characteristics

If we often watch TOP Sinetron then we will memorize the style of each cast.

For example:

Si Mother: her trademark is that every word will be tinged with the phrase "Like it! "If he talks to other people.

The Bobi : his trademark is like tidying his bangs if he's happy anymore. 

Si Purnomo: his trademark is like using the word " iyaa  dong ... !!  

And many more, the average player has a certain style or particular.

This distinctive style is one of the attractions of every player.

- The story is Simple, Light and interesting but True Reality

The story is easy to understand because it only separates the activities of daily life only, just the packaging is made as attractive as possible and make people laugh because of the behavior of the cast.

Link to TOP  Sinetron with Blog: 

- Blogs need to have Characteristics

Style or characteristic cast in the soap opera Top if in my opinion can be used to determine the theme of our blog and writing style.

A blog that has a pretty thick enough is Agus Mulyadi blog. The blog contains everyday stories that are packed with a funny style and always soled with the Java language.

- Blogs need to be written using a lightweight and easy-to-understand language

If writing in blogs using lightweight language style, not like writing a thesis then the reader will be more happy in reading.  

But if the weight seems like the reader will get dizzy.

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  1. My mother sometime watches this sinetron, so I know about it. When we pay more attention to something, we will know it's charasteristic

    1. Wowww.... Ibu Mbak Nisa suka juga toh nonton TOP, berarti kami sama hobinya,hehehe..... ceritanya ringan, menarik dan setiap Pemerannya memiliki gaya khas masing2.

      Itu hobi sampingan saya saat pulang kerja, :)


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