18 Desember 2017

Plans to stop writing on Pedia Asik Blog that failed

I once tried to stop managing this Asik Pedia blog three times but failed. Looks like the fate of this blog will belong in my hands and hard to leave as well as blog Khasiat Jitu and some other blogs.

I want to leave this Asik Pedia blog because there is a boredom present in my mind at some time ago. Maybe this is what is mentioned as a blogger who broke the middle of the road.
Like a tree that has not yet been harvested.

Plans to stop writing on Pedia Asik Blog that failed
It's been three times that I've done.

First, try :

At that time this blog is already eight months old and there is no sign - sign will be accepted by Google Adsense As Ad Publisher.

Registration of blogs to Google Adsense has been done repeatedly but the result is a rejection of the reasons for Content Not Sufficient.

So one day I decided to stop managing this blog if my last application to Google Adsense at that time was not accepted. 

And Looks like Allah SWT does not allow me to stop writing on Blog Asik Pedia this because at the last request this blog received by Google Adsense. 

So then my spirit of writing on this blog which initially has decreased at the lowest level to rise as high as stars in the Sky. Long story short The first experiment to stop managing Asik Pedia blog was officially a total failure.

Second Experiment:

Expecting an income from the blog Asik Pedia which only comes from the results of Google Adsense ads appearances cannot be expected to realize the dreams - dreams that have been targeted.

True said the other bloggers who had previously accepted Google Adsense, that as difficult - the difficulty of a blog accepted as Adsense Ads Adsense is more difficult to make money from the results of ad impressions.

It takes time and a very long process to generate enough rupiah in each month, as they say. I do not reject their opinions, because the fact is that way.

So finally I want to change the bow to get the source of income by searching it in the real world by stopping the move on all my blogs.

The goal is for energy and mind to be focused.

But gradually over time, it turned out that in the real world a lot of experience - a memorable experience and I should be recorded in a media. 

And again - again this blog began my approach and the intention to no longer focus on this blog was also failed for the second time.

Third Experiment:

Because they feel less satisfied just by writing with no results in the form of money. So the third experiment to stop writing on this blog was still I try.

Yet Again Allah SWT answered my complaint, that I got a Job Review Website submitted by one of the Domain Hosting providers for a dollar. Read "the First Experience Got a Website Review Website   With Dollars" ( Sorry I have not published my article).

The reason the domain hosting provider chose me to write a review article was that I read my article entitled "A Short Domain Extension Experience at IDWEBHOST". 
I think this Website Review Job is just a luck and by the permission of Allah SWT, not because of the intelligence or the quality of my writing. Because there are still many in this country who are better at writing from me with the quality of the article is very great.

Of course with the presence of opportunities that sustenance made me reap a blessing that my hobby who often write reviews about anything to fruition.

So the mind to stop active on this blog to be canceled for the third time.

Looks like this blog will be a close friend in a long time who will without protest received my simple writing results. 


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