11 Desember 2017

Experience Being a Writer In Blog Juragan Cipir

Being a Writer on Blog  Juragan Cipir is a hard to forget the experience.

Source : Juragan Cipir

Why ?

First is Shame
The second is Happy

- Shame

I became embarrassed to remember my activities during writing on Blog Juragan Cipir.

Because there the gathering of bloggers from Indonesia who already have expertise in writing.

While the results of my writing have not been in the best category and quality. For the Use of keywords and Science of SEO at that time I have not understood well.

But have dared to send a lot of posts in Blog Juragan Cipir.

Although my writing is more a result of rewriting of some articles on the Internet Juragan Cipir not make it up.

The most important thing for Juragan Cipir is my article submission must be there every day.

Both my own writings and writings from other writers.

If I judge my writing on the blog Juragan cipir, it seems my writing can be categorized a bad writing.

Whereas my writing should be better, interesting and qualified because I get paid every month by Juragan Cipir.

But that's the limit of my ability.

My writing on Blog Juragan Cipir is my first career to be a beginner blogger.

- Happy :

Being a writer in Juragan Cipir Blog will get rewarded in the form of money at the beginning of each month. I am very grateful and happy when the honorarium has been transferred to our Account.

How unhappy and enjoyable, because that is the result of the hard work of my fingers that typed the writing day and night.

Although the results are not so great it's enough to feel the wonderful income from the writing world.

To get honor from Juragan Cipir at least we have to deposit at least 50 articles per month. Each article must have at least 350 syllables and is forbidden to write some types of articles with specific discussion, for example about SARA.

Only published articles that will be paid and unpublished posts will be counted in the following month.

I became a paid freelance writer on Blog Juragan Cipir only lasted for two months only.

Because Juragan Cipir has begun not actively take care of blog Juragan Cipir.

The impact of inactivity Jaragan Cipir on his personal blog to make article submissions from the author to be published late.

So that will affect the honorarium that will get by the author.

2 komentar

  1. Keep on practicing Kang.. It is difficult at the first but the more you try, the better you will be.

    In future, I think you will be able to write in English without Google Translate.

    However, it will be a long journey and needs patience. Just keep on writing. Do not ever stop.

    1. yes. Thank you for the spirit given to me.
      I hope this is the first step that can make me learn english.


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